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Testimonials From Some of Our Distributors

"Thank you so much for your quick response.  Not only was I impressed with your service, but the website was outstanding, as well.  What a wonderful feeling to be a part of a "Winning Team”!" - Howard Dunne

“I have had a great response to the program.  I have over 3,300 requests for the free disk.”
E. Lee, TX.


“This program is incredible.  I am so sorry that I did not know about it before.  It is absolutely amazing!”Gary.


“As a mortgage banker familiar with direct response marketing, I think you have a gold mine.  Your projections are conservative!”Gregory, MN.


“This software program is much more than we expected, you have done a super job.”Robert R., WI


“This program is a work of art!  You folks are amazing.  I firmly believe that my decision to work with IBS, Inc. …. to be the best decision I ever made.” Larry.


“You are the BEST!  The printed brochures you did for me are perfect.  Please thank everyone there who helped!”Howard.


“I am really enjoying working with IBS, Inc.”Mark, NE.


“Things are going well.  I’m enrolling people and they’re getting their family and friends to enroll.  Finally, it seems I have found a home-based business that is working for me.”David.


“Your marketing program is exceptional and everything is done so professional.  My sincere thanks to you.”Doug B., OR


“I am getting a good response from the public.”Eddie, CO.


“Everyone should have this program and your service.  I am very pleased, thanks.” Ron, GA.


“I investigated several mortgage reduction companies and yours is by far the best I have dealt with; in fact, I have shown the plan to several of my friends and neighbors and they definitely want to take advantage of the rapid equity building program.  I want to do this not for the money, but to help educate people who just have not heard about this plan.”W. Page, AR.


“I know what kind of savings I am enjoying being on the program and I am very excited about the prospect of presenting this opportunity to as many people as I can possibly contact.  It is one of the most worthwhile business opportunities I have ever found.  I respect and appreciate the manner in which your company does business and would like to commend you for being a breath of fresh air to the small business person.”Jerry & Patricia W.


“Being raised around several family members in the banking industry, I know how advantageous this information can be to a homeowner.  I have looked at a lot of different programs to work from home.  Your material presentation far supersedes anything else I have looked at.”Leveta T.


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